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20 November 2012 @ 10:44 pm
Life in Ferndale and Bridgemont: Picspam  
Here's a bit of random picspam of life in Ferndale and Bridgemont lately, just to catch up with the less-often seen residents of the neighborhood!

Snowman in the backyard at John Mackenzie's house (Helena Traver's boyfriend).

When her daughters Queenie and Yvonne (middle and right) left for college, Felice November's life threatened to get dull with just her at home. So I moved her into a smaller home, and made her a vampire! She likes to invite the girls over in the evenings for movie night! I'm thinking of turning her home into a vampire nest so she has some more company.

Even though Danny and Sandy have passed on, they are still with us in spirit. But I mean, literally. Their ghosts finally showed up a few days after they died and they stuck around ALL day. Not even any of that disappearing and reappearing stuff ghosts usually do - they were just continuously around, all the time, pretty much like when they were alive except they don't eat, sleep or anything. Just float around and play with each other, basically. I saved the game like that but when I play them again we'll see how long the unbroken haunting streak continues!

Here's a couple of my favourite members of the younger generation around town. You know how some Sims age up and you were kind of neutral about them in a certain age group, but then they get to a certain age and you just LOVE them? That's Eric Gregory for me. This kid is just so funny and sweet. He's super active so he sprints everywhere, and the first thing he did when he aged up to childhood was tell a joke to his mom and hug her. Adorable.

Also really digging Veronica Grant, especially here whilst looking throroughly devilish planning to static shock one of her parents friends.

And then the blandly innocent face after the deed is done. LOL!

Josephine lives in a tiny studio apartment, but loves Nature. What's a benevolent Sim God to do? Why, build a community garden of course! Josephine was the first to stop by and start planting in the gardens.

The Unsavoury Charlatan was also there to christen the lot and help liberate innocent citizens of their wallets.

Oh dear.

I'll leave you with some shots of Denise Popp, who is pictured here working out to the music on her stereo, from outside the window, in the snow, in dance leotards, wearing the Thinking Cap. I just love how absurd this game is sometimes. <3

beepsboolpropped on November 21st, 2012 02:22 pm (UTC)
The absurdity is what keeps us playing (and quite entertained) for so many years! Loved your pictures... Eric looks like such a sweetheart <3